Adiant Solutions Australia was established in January 2012 to act as the Australian Partner and Distributor of Laipac Technology Inc.

We are revolutionizing the GPS industry by providing solutions that transforms lives.

You are in control… you decide how to better manage "what matters most". Whether you are looking for tracking solutions that will locate a family member with dementia, a child with autism who is eloping or even your teenagers that travel the world on vacation, anytime / anywhere we have the answer with our easy-to-use, customizable technology.

Adiant's products ensure that people and property are where they belong…..and when. The devices are easy to use and can be managed from any computer or smart phone with Adiant's easy-to-use LocationNow Software.

the LooK Watch

Standalone Smartwatch with cellphone connectivity, built-in SOS button, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, advanced quad core processor with GPS, water resistance, multiple motion sensors, high-grade stainless-steel body, AMOLED display with amazing colours, and more.

Stick-N-Find Stickers

Stick-N-Find is an ultra small location sticker enabled through low emission Bluetooth. The Sticker can be tracked by most new smartphones and tablets. Track your pets, kids, remote, wallets and more with the Stick-N-Find.


Guardian 3G

GPS Tracking

A small light tracking device that enables you to track anything. Constant real time tracking. Durable. Worldwide coverage.